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When I look at… Benny Page / Trolley Snatcha @ Arenele Romane

Emalkay needs to postpone the show due to USA commitments. I am furious about this but there is nothing we can do. The agency handling the us bookings have just moved the tour and… bla bla

Cam asa suna mesajul primit de organizatori [Arenadnb.ro] de la agentia de booking, incercand sa iasa cat de cat basma curata dupa anularea evenimentului.

DAR… pentru ca exista un dar… cam asa suna raspunsul ArenaDnb la ceea ce pentru alti organizatori ar fi fost un dezastru atat din punct de vedere al line-up-ului cat si al unei eventuale „mobilizari” pentru o alternativa la planul initial:

Stiti ca orice s-ar intampla noi nu lasam nimic sa ne opreasca, mai ales dupa un an ca 2010 in care s-au intamplat toate minunile pamantului, dar am iesit cu bine toti din orice situatie. – ArenaDnb.ro

Emalkay ramane de vazut la primavara dar deocamdata…
planul intial vine cu o rasturnare de situatie chiar placuta:
Asa ca… In loc de un headliner, vom avea 2: BENNY PAGE & TROLLEY SNATCHA!

Si ca sa fim siguri ca totul e (cat se poate de) clar pentru 4 Decembrie,
Jungle [Benny Page] vs. Dubstep [Trolley Snatcha]…

…  all together now!

Jurnal de Zbor – Over & out!

Example – Kickstarts / Bar 9 Remix

Kickstarts” is a song by British rapper Example. This is the third single from Example’s second album, Won’t Go Quietly.

The initial song’s production was handled by British drum & bass musician Sub Focus,
whilst this remix was done by BAR9.

HoneyHoney – Little Toy Gun

HoneyHoney (Suzanne Santo & Ben Jaffe) – Little Toy Gun
Directed & co-starring Kiefer Sutherland.

Lyrics: Citește în continuare

FutureShorts / Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

. . . to the false memory of what you and I once had . . .

Dir:  Chris Milk / Music: Gnarls Barkley / USA 2008

Chris Milk brings some serious heart crooning to life in his second video collaboration from Gnarles Barkely‘s album The Odd Couple.

Motion Graphics / Pulp Fiction / Typography
16 octombrie 2009, 20:31
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Scene in Pulp Fiction represented with Typography.

By Jarratt Moody.

Anim’est / Mexican Standoff

Cel mai bun videoclip:

Mexican Standoff / Falling into you

Bill Plympton, SUA

(invitat special al editiei Anim’est din 2008)

Anim’est / The Parachute Ending – Birdy Nam Nam

Mentiune Speciala a juriului pentru videoclip:

The Parachute Ending – Birdy Nam Nam

Steve Scott, UK

Album: Manual for Successful Rioting (2009)

FutureShorts / Burn My Shadow Away

I have burned my tomorrows

And burn my shadow away.

Futureshorts youtube channel.

Unkle – Burn My Shadow Away


Citește în continuare

SWR / Right Face. Wrong Time.

Right Face, Wrong Time. She’s Sweet But…

(She Wants Revenge)  I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love.

SWR Wiki.


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MUSE / Supermassive Black Hole
29 septembrie 2009, 15:16
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MUSE [official youtube channel]

IAMX / Think Of England

FEEDER.Ro: CONCERT IAMX – 1  octombrie @ Fratelli Studios.

IAMX is the solo musical project of Chris Corner. Corner has repeatedly said that IAMX is very different from his actual, real-life personality and is a kind of quasi „act”. Whether an act or not, IAMX’s music is primarily concerned with subjects such as outlandish sex, death, narcotic intoxication, bisexuality, decadence, obsession, alienation and vague allusions to politics. Corner currently lives in Berlin, where he has found „the spirit to care less about the music industry and take an independent route.” IAMX.wikipedia

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Old Yellow Bricks.
27 septembrie 2009, 18:06
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Arctic Monkeys are an English alternative rock band from High Green, a suburb of Sheffield. Formed in 2002, the band currently consists of Alex Turner (lead vocals, guitar), Jamie Cook (guitar), Nick O’Malley (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Matt Helders (drums, backing vocals).

„Dorothy Was Right Though!”

Arctic Monkeys on Wikipedia

I want to buy you flowers, she said.

Emilie Simon – Flowers

Lyrics: Citește în continuare

Heart’s A Mess.

Your Heart’s A Mess – You Won’t Admit To It.

Dir. Brendan Cook / music Gotye / Australia / 2007

A pied piper calls the inhabitants of wasted planet to follow him to a new world in this music video for Gotye’s „Hearts a Mess” from his album „Like Drawing Blood”.

The images were made through a combination of time-lapse photography and 3D animation.

Courtesy of and created by pictureDRIFT (futureshorts/youtube)

I Love Death.

Mai demult am promis ca voi reveni cu scurt-metraje si similare pe blog, asa ca… Here goes!

Music video for the band ‘Lodger’ – bass player Hannes Häyhä created this flash music video featuring a hapless one-eyed stick man which proved so popular he set up „One-Eyed Films”. The song details the drudgery in life of the average person and „God Has Rejected the Western World”, an anthem decrying the superficiality of western society. (futureshorts/youtube)

DubFX in Romania

DubFX – Romania Tour


„It’s possible to love someone ‘n not treat ‘em the way that you want.”

10 septembrie @ La Gazette – Cluj

Line-up: DubFX, NUMA Crew(IT), Marwan(DUA, Cluj).

11 septembrie @ Timisoara.

12 septembrie @ Bucuresti.

Details coming soon @ Basswise-crew.com

*de mentionat e ca BasswiseCrew sunt cei care i-au adus si pe Black Sun Empire in clubul Fabrica din Bucuresti.

Daca te-a parasit iubita.

No comment. Doar uitati-va si luati aminte.

Are mare dreptate.

Je Vais Bien Ne T’en Fais Pas.

Am dat zilele trecute peste o melodie ce mi-a placut foarte mult si m-am gandit sa v-o prezint si voua.

Melodia face parte din soundtrack-ul filmului francez „Je Vais Bien Ne T’en Fais Pas” („I’m fine don’t worry”).

Auditie & vizionare placuta.

Rulez Stick Up Mission!

Am tras o filmare de cateva minute pentru concursul Rulez.ro cu 2 prieteni.

Daca vrei sa vedeti despre ce e concursul intrati pe Blog.rulez.ro

Daca tot cititi JurnaldeZbor sau ati ajuns din intamplare aici faceti un bine si dati si un +5 aici. 😉

Pentru a viziona filmarea intrati pe http://blog.rulez.ro/?p=526

V-a placut? Votati! +5 stelute pe blog.Rulez.ro

Melodiile se numesc Cyclone si City of Thieves.

We Will Become Silhouttes.

A trecut ceva timp de cand n-am mai prezentat nici o melodie sau clip pe blog. Sa zicem ca acum am un motiv pentru care pun melodia asta si sunt cateva persoane care-l stiu.

Hope you’re better off this way.

So here goes,  Seattle indie rock band called Postal Service.

Lyrics: Citește în continuare