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Summer Knights @ Base Cafe

Darth’s Darkstar is approaching…

The Skywalker legacy has ended aeons ago.
and new weapons were forged in the form of Drum&Bass and Dubstep.

…Together, Jedi Masters Dazecraft & AL3RT allied with MC Raducu will attempt to
fight away the darkness that has come upon the sounds of summer
and bring back the light in the eyes of the (Re)public.

They are… The Summer Knights!
Help them fight evil on
the 6th of august at BASE CAFE
[ Str. Sepcari Nr. 22 ]

The Knights: DAZECRAFT & AL3RT featuring MC Raducu

It begins at 22:00!

Gojira & guests @ Goblin Club

22 Aprilie / ora 22:00 / Intrare: 10 Lei / Un Jagermeister Inclus

Gojira & Guests:  Phlo Da Shaolin / DazeCraft / AL3RT

Visuals: BlueSCREEN / Sekazone Events

Gojira Myspace Phlo Myspace DazeCraft Myspace DazeCraft Breaks Mix

Organizatori:  Sekazone Events & Goblin Club & Terrace