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What is empathy?
4 iulie 2008, 19:27
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Empathy: what people need but define as unrational and inexistent. an aberation to turn us from common animals to human lifeforms. Empathy is every moment you can identify with the inner feeling of another person and understand them without common day communication. Empathy is when the very self that you know by „This is who I am.” is somehow overturned by a need of another person. Empathy means sometimes even the love of someone but the love of someone can also deny the needed empathy. It is the very foundation of care and understanding and the very judgement we bring upon ourselves when we realise we put ourselves „in someone elses shoes”. Empathy is life but not just living. Empathy is giving up on yourself for the sake of your beloved and it also exists in the very moment that you crave it from that certain someone. It exists in you without a need to exist in someone else but your own. Don’t expect it to be unconditioned. After all we’re only human.

This reminds me of a joke someone told me: Try putting your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car and keep them there for two hours. After that open the trunk and see which one is happy to see you. That is unconditioned love. (Although none so ever would it be on any ocasion empathic to do so. It would be wrong. But only the concept itself proves a point.

Does it not?


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