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Dark energy – a short theory on the descovery

The descovery of a so called dark energy has been somewhat recently made public through HubbleSite.org.

Details on the theory and studies to confirm it can be found on:



And after reading about it on the Hubble site and watching the whole presentation the next „idea” crossed my mind:

Own opinion about the dark-energy theory: What if you were to consider that the same as planets in a solar system, and systems in a galaxy(etc) the universe also would be a part of a larger „concept”. Let’s call this notion „poliverse”. And within the poliverse several universes form gravity. That gravity would then act on the nearby universes just as the planets act on each other and the sun acts on the planets. To complete the notion what if like in a solar system where the sun-star has the largest gravitational pull, in the poliverse a certain universe has the most powerful pull. That would then inflict on the crushing and/or shaping(the acceleration process) of the nearby universes. That certain gravitational pull outside our universe from another universe would create the „dark energy” effect. And if this is considered as true the same would go on and on as there is no reason not to believe that the poliverse itself would be a part of another multi-verse and so on. Just as marbles in large bowl that you pun in a large boat in the middle of and ocean on Earth. Actually proving that would be a bigger breakthrough than the discovery of the dark energy notion itself.


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heh, sunt multe chestii care din pacate nu vor fi cu siguranta clarificate during our lifetime. nu putem decat sa propunem teorii…de roadele carora sa se bucure generatiile urmatoare asta-i stiinta, pana la urma.

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