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SiXX:A.M – A wake up call for music concepts.

I think that Heroin Diaries is by far the best musical concept of 2007 … A biography of Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue) with all of the falls and leaps of his musical / personal career. All the abuses, the dirt, the mud of every little introspection of drug-induced emotional pain. Afterall, „genius is not excerpt from a tint of madness” is it?… The songs follow up on the „trail of blood” within the book, delivering a positive message through a corrosive feeling of sadness.

Life is Beautiful and Accidents can happen have one of the most mature emotional content within the lyrics than most songs of the year if not of the last decade. So goes to speak about the whole album. The basics of the concept – Heroin Diaries – the book is to be one of the „best of” in biographies worldwide. It was also declared as „Required Reading” by RollingStone Magazine and promotionally speaking it has the best online exposure i’ve ever seen, both graphically and logically. Well defined and with all the surprises you could get of following every link, the online campaign also leaves hints to surprises like the „SixxAM street team” on fancorps.com and more.

Visit these official sites listed below for a more „inside view” about all of it:

SiXX:A.M. on myspace



Online diary of Nikki Sixx – On which Nikki Sixx mentioned on January 30th, 200810 SONGS DONE FOR THE NEW CRUE ALBUM SO FAR”

:::Videos of Sixx:A.M:::
Considered by me the best of 2007 concept, I recommend that you buy the book and album and read the book while listening to the album and smoking a cigarette while probably enjoying a late-night coffee.


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